Christian McCaffrey didn't need to be asked twice to hand out one of the five grand prizes in USAA's Salute to Service Sweepstakes. The Panthers running back also felt like a winner in getting to virtually meet with Jonathan Yeagley, the winning Marine corps veteran stationed at Camp Lejeune.

Along with receiving a large-screen TV, sound system, gaming system, gift cards and other prizes, Yeagley was also awarded a chance to hang out and chat with McCaffrey, who loved the experience.

"It was a blast. Anytime I get to work with USAA, I jump right to it. I have a big passion for the military, and this was a cool deal to connect with Jonathan, stationed right here in North Carolina," McCaffrey told Sporting News. "The biggest thing I enjoyed was just getting to talk to him, picking his brain on why he joined. I find it fascinating, all the different stories you hear. He had a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it, too."