Chris Sale has heard it all before. “He’s not durable enough. He’s too skinny. His delivery...” Those aren’t my words. They’re his. He can read them back to you by heart. And now after Sale threw 192 innings last season -- 121 more than the year before -- there are skeptics out there who look at his age, frame and violent pitching motion and predict that he’s at risk to suffer either an injury or severe regression in 2013. What does Chris think about the cynics? “I know there are people out there saying what they want to say, but I have my say too, and I’m going to go through with my program and see if I can’t hush some of those people up,” Sale said in an interview with Comcast SportsNet. In his first year as a starter, Sale went 17-8 with 3.05 ERA. He made his first All-Star team and finished sixth in voting for the Cy Young Award. The doubters say he won’t repeat that this season. Sale says, watch me. “You kind of have to have those people around you to kind of motivate you. Your fans are in your corner cheering you on, but there are people that tell you you can’t do something, that’s what drives me,” Sale said. “If somebody tells me I can’t climb that mountain, I’m going to go climb that mountain, and do everything I can to get on top of it.” Sale admits that he did experience a dead arm period last season. The one start he remembers specifically was against the Texas Rangers in July when his velocity topped out at 91 miles per hour. “To be honest, I felt great. I woke up in the morning, the arm felt good. It just felt like I was kind of throwing under water a little bit. There wasn’t any pain. I was rearing back and firing it in there, but it wasn’t coming out like it was before.”