The Clippers evened their first round series at 1-1 with the Jazz on Tuesday night in a 99-91 victory. The series now shifts back to Utah, as the Jazz have stolen home court advantage from Los Angeles. After Tuesday’s win, Clippers point guard Chris Paul was asked to clarify some comments about Utah’s fans, when he called them “homers” on TNT, and Paul wasn’t too thrilled that those comments were being taken as anything but positive. “Tell me what you took that as,” Paul said with exasperation. “If you reachin’ that much, then you tell me what you took it as. Exactly, that means they like their team. Why even try that, though? I’ve said that before, they’re homers. When you go play there you don’t really see opposing team’s jerseys. You know what I mean? Like, they support their team. Which is good! So how can you even take that another way?” Paul isn’t new to the game and the veteran isn’t about to let someone take a vague comment — especially one he doesn’t think is vague — and misconstrue it into bulletin board material or a rallying cry for the Utah fanbase. Paul simply meant to compliment the Jazz fans for always being out supporting the team and the building not being half-filled with jerseys and fans of the opposing team, as happens in a number of NBA cities.