Reaching the NBA Finals was a big accomplishment for the Phoenix Suns this season and while they did not win their first championship, they learned a lot about themselves. Not only did they learn a lot about their young talents, but they went from being a bottom-tier team in this league to being one of the best teams in the league in a matter of three seasons. 

Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton evolving into big-time talents has definitely helped them, as has Monty Williams being a fantastic teacher and head coach, but the key difference for the Phoenix Suns is the fact that Chris Paul was their leader this year. 

Everywhere CP3 has played over the course of his now 16-year NBA career, he has made a positive impact and every team he has joined has seen a positive increase in wins and success. When he joined the Clippers in 2011, they went from a non-playoff team to being a real playoff threat and the same can be said about the Rockets in 2017. 

They already had James Harden on this roster, but in his first season with the Rockets, Chris Paul helped lead this team to having the best record in the NBA during the 2017-18 season and helped them win 65 games, their most wins in a season in franchise history. If it wasn’t for him hurting his hamstring in the postseason that year either, the Houston Rockets really could have won the Western Conference Finals and made the NBA Finals.

Chris Paul is a major success story in the NBA and while this year may have been his best chance to win a championship, it may not be his last. At 36-years-old now, the clock is ticking for Paul and the end of his career could be in sight, but he remains focused on one goal — winning.