Chris Paul had options. The Pelicans were offering more guaranteed money. He could have put on a Knicks uniform in Madison Square Garden. Other teams were kicking the tires on a deal.

But there was never really any expectation around the NBA he would leave Phoenix after leading the Suns to the NBA Finals. He didn’t, inking a new $75 million (at least, could be worth $120 million) contract with the Suns. Paul told Jeff Zillgitt of the USA Today it was an easy decision.

“It was an easy decision,” Paul said. “Not only did I love the basketball aspect, I’m close to family (in Los Angeles) and Phoenix is a family, too. I’m excited to be back there…

“The thing I’m looking forward to now is our approach to the every day,” he said. “You don’t start the season and get to automatically end up at the Finals again. It’s another building process, and I’m excited about going through this experience with these guys because I went as far (in the playoffs) as I’ve ever been. We’ll be on this journey of something new together.”