With a new coach heading his way who isn’t necessarily beholden to him, Titans running back Chris Johnson might want tread lightly. After all, his $8 million salary might not fit with the new guy’s ideas about the position or the system. But Johnson reversed field on politeness, saying if the new coach wasn’t going to use him more, he’d rather leave. “I feel like if they are not going to use me the way I am supposed to be used and let me be the horse, then I would rather them let me move on. Their money would be wasted on me,” Johnson told Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. “I feel like if they are not going to use me right, let somebody get me that’s going to use me the right way.” Johnson said he wasn’t asking for a trade, and that he’d continue to work hard if the Titans kept him, but said that he wasn’t taking a pay cut. But after running for just 1,077 yards this year (the second-lowest total of his career), he’s feeling antsy.