Marlins outfielder Chris Coghlan was out of the lineup Friday, two days after taking himself out of a game due to pain in his right shoulder. And it appears the shoulder strain is something that Coghlan could be dealing with all season long. "I have never dealt with this," Coghlan said. "Every day is different." Coghlan said he had four good days before Wednesday's game against the Dodgers, when he took himself out in the seventh inning. "I know I have never had to take myself out of a lineup in my career in any sport I have played in my life. There was definitely something, a sharp pain that I have not felt before," Coghlan said. Coghlan spent the offseason recovering from knee surgery which limited his throwing, and the pain began early in spring training and has continued to flare up. "We will have to deal with that for a while, on a day-to-day basis," Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez said. Don't expect Coghlan to play in a day game after a night game, which was the situation Wednesday. "We are pretty sure that put a lot of pressure on his shoulder," Rodriguez said. Coghlan had an MRI done on Thursday and said there is no structural damage. "It just continues to have the same symptoms I have had since spring. I talked to the doctor and he said just play as I can tolerate," Coghlan said. Coghlan said he wants to avoid the disabled list. "We have a long way to go. That is why I have to monitor it," he said.