San Antonio Spurs shooter Danny Green already has 25 made 3-pointers through the first five games of the NBA Finals. It broke Miami Heat guard Ray Allen's record of 22 threes, that he set with the Boston Celtics back in their 2008 championship run. Green has been open on a lot of his looks throughout the season, due to either great execution or terrible defense or sometimes both. When Heat big man Chris Bosh was asked during the shoot around before Game 6 on how Danny Green was consistently able to find the open shots he's been taking, Bosh had a very matter of fact response. He says Green won't be open in Game 6 when the Heat try to extend their season with a victory. Chris, you didn't really answer the question but the confidence is great. It's also easy for a big man to say that when he's rarely going to be saddled with the task of having to defend one of these perimeter players that are going off against the Heat's defense. The Spurs have made 44.2 percent of their 3-point shots in the NBA Finals, thanks mostly to the hot shooting of Green's 65.8 percent success rate in this series. The Heat haven't been bad themselves, making 42.3 percent of their threes, but they need to figure out how to get their defense to work for Game 6 so they can force a Game 7. If Bosh does manage to get switched out on Green, I guess he can feel confident that the Spurs' sharpshooter won't be open. Here's a screenshot from the post I did on Monday analyzing Green's open looks against the Heat.