Chris Bosh appreciates that he could be the fall guy, even if he's not the fail guy. But the Miami Heat center said he has come to grips with his name being the one most frequently mentioned as the most expendable of the team's Big Three. As the Heat prepared for Thursday's Game 4 of the NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs at the AT&T Center, Bosh said he has heard all the rumblings of how failure in this series could have him headed elsewhere. "You know man, I don't care," he said. "I keep saying it. At first, I used to care. But that hindered my game and they're going to talk about you, anyway." With the focus on LeBron James, and with Dwyane Wade a franchise mainstay, Bosh tends to be the name most often mentioned when it comes to the Heat's position against the salary cap, the luxury tax, and now against the Spurs in this third consecutive trip to the NBA Finals. "It's something that you can't ever overcome," he said of being the third wheel in the team's hierarchy but the team's leading man on the rumor mill. "So why should you even try to prove people wrong? I just play the game." He paused, then offered all the perspective needed. "If we win this thing," he said, "nobody ever remembers anything." After three seasons of being asked to essentially get out of the way for James and Wade, the post game he displayed in his first seven NBA seasons with the Toronto Raptors has become largely rumor, as well. But he said there is no hunger to necessarily be the leading man in a lesser situation. "I mean, it's tough," he said of sometimes being asked to do less. "But no, not really. I can't really think about situations that aren't really real for me." Already there has been a report linking him to the Charlotte Bobcats, who lack a proven star but have more than enough cap space to absorb his contract and afford the Heat significant cap and tax relief.