The fiancée of Texas men's basketball head coach Chris Beard said that he didn't strangle her in an alleged domestic violence encounter that led to his arrest and suspension last week.

In a statement released Friday through her attorney, the woman apologized for the situation and said she initiated a physical confrontation with Beard, whom she said acted in self-defense. She also said she told law enforcement that he did not strangle her that night.

"Chris and I are deeply saddened that we have brought negative attention upon our family, friends, and the University of Texas, among others. As Chris' fiancé and biggest supporter, I apologize for the role I played in this unfortunate event. I realize that my frustration, when breaking his glasses, initiated a physical struggle between Chris and myself. Chris did not strangle me, and I told that to law enforcement that evening. Chris has stated that he was acting in self-defense, and I do not refute that. I do not believe Chris was trying to intentionally harm me in any way. It was never my intent to have him arrested or prosecuted. We appreciate everyone's support and prayers during this difficult time."

The woman's attorney, Randy Leavitt, declined comment when asked by Yahoo Sports if she and Beard have been in contact with the Austin police department or the University of Texas since she requested that the charge be dropped. Beard's attorney, Perry Minton, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.