Hunched over at his locker with an exhausted expression only the father of a toddler can understand, Chris Bosh half-heartedly laughed when asked how he was holding up. “It’s not rolling, man,” Bosh said. Regardless of what the scores have suggested, the Heat’s winning streak has been anything but easy. The current five-game road trip will only make extending the franchise record that much more difficult. For Bosh, it’s a good thing he has a backup whose only goal on the court is to provide a nightly booster shot of energy. Chris Andersen isn’t about to take any credit for the Heat’s current success, but it’s hard to ignore the numbers. The Heat is 23-2 since adding Andersen, the veteran big man who says “disruption” is his best basketball skill. “He just keeps it going,” Bosh said of Andersen. “For the second-group guys, energy is the most important thing and he has come in and matched or exceeded us on a night-to-night basis.” Not surprisingly, Andersen deflected questions before Wednesday’s game about his impact.