The Chicago White Sox are open for business and have made everyone but star left-hander Chris Sale and beloved veteran first baseman Paul Konerko available, rival executives say. They add that the Sox are already exchanging names on some potential deals. The White Sox's sale (lower case s, so as not to be confused with Sale) is quite intriguing, say rivals, as it could include center fielder Alex Rios, shortstop Alexei Ramirez and even starting pitcher John Danks, who signed a $65-million, five-year contract just last year. All those names are on the table. Rivals say the White Sox are taking a very reasonable approach in terms of where they stand this year, adding that they have some obvious assets to peddle. One NL executive said both Rios and Ramirez should have decent value. Although Ramirez has only one home run this year, that executive pointed out, “He's hitting .280, has 18 stolen bases and plays good defense.'' The Rangers, Yankees, Giants and Royals are among teams that could fit for Rios, and so could the Phillies if they decide to buy or trade and not to sell. The Dodgers could make sense for Ramirez, and one competing executive said a team like the Mets could consider him as a long-term option if they were so inclined. The White Sox are well-stocked with relievers on reasonable, expiring contracts, with Jesse Crain, who's 2-2 with a 0.52 ERA and 46 strikeouts in 34 2/3 innings, leading the way. In a soft market for closers, the Sox may try to sell him as a potential ninth-inning man, though Crain only has four career saves, with no more than one in any single year. Crain has about $2.25 million left on his salary this year, aiding his value, while Matt Lindstrom has about $1.5 million left and Matt Thornton $3.5 million. Jake Peavy could be the best available starting pitcher on the trade market, but being that he's still has three weeks or so before he's expected back off the disabled list with a broken rib, it's a bit of a dicey situation -- though it shouldn't be forgotten that Peavy was on the DL with an ankle injury when the Sox originally acquired him back in 2009.