Chip Kelly's quote about how he preferred players with size, "Bigger people beat up little people" stirred the fan's juices a bit, but a look back at Kelly's history says it shouldn't have been a surprise. In fact, this new emphasis on bigger guys is something people who followed Chip in college were most expecting him to bring to the NFL. "If new Eagles coach Chip Kelly adopts some of the strategies he was using at Oregon, the Eagles will begin coveting "longer" players," wrote Dan Pompeii back in January. "Kelly's NCAA teams were known for their speed and stamina but Oregon was also recruiting taller players across the board, particularly on defense where he made length a priority with a recent change in philosophy. Some people around the league believe the Eagles will begin seeking taller players on that side of the ball." If we take a look at Chip's full quote preceding the "big people little people line" we see he spells out clearly that going forward size will matter. "You have to adjust to what you have. No one is starting from Square 1 and saying, 'How do we build a perfect defense, offense, and special teams?' And you don't have 100 first-round draft picks, either, so you can say, 'Hey, I really like that guy, but he's gone.' "So you always have to make adjustments to what you do. But we want taller, longer people because big people beat up little people." Connor Barwin is likely a product of this new philosophy. He's 6-4 and with 33 3/4 inch arms. That's a "long" linebacker. Kenny Phillips fits that mold well also at 6-2 with long arms.