You're going to see this $10 million number connected with Michael Vick and his new, restructured Philadelphia Eagles contract, but it's important to note the "with incentives" part. That $10 million is the most Vick can earn in 2013 -- presumably if he stays healthy, starts every game and plays very well. The key number, yet unknown, is the minimum number -- the amount of money the Eagles are committed to paying Vick even if they decide in training camp they don't want him around anymore and let him go then instead of now. You have to think it's more than the $3 million he was already guaranteed under his old deal (or else why would he have agreed to it?), but the question is how much more. And the answer to that question will tell you the extent to which new Eagles coach Chip Kelly has tied his fortunes to Vick. Eagles fans should hope it's not too much.