Earlier Monday the Eagles played the role of Buzz Killington for free-agent rumors by locking up Michael Vick on a restructured, one-year deal that will keep him from hitting the free-agent market this offseason. But despite bringing Vick back looking like an obvious sign he'll start, Chip Kelly stressed at his press conference on Monday afternoon that the Eagles will have an "open competition" at quarterback. "There's an open competition," Kelly said. "Michael knows that. Nick knows that. Nick knew every step of the way what we're doing. I wanted to make sure Nick was included in the plans. I think both have outstanding qualities in terms of being quarterbacks in this league. I also know in this league you better have two. Who the starting quarterback is to start the season off is going to be won on the practice field." That's a pretty salient point re: "better have two" from Kelly. And it's also why we shouldn't expect them to stand pat at quarterback this offseason. Having a trio of Vick, Foles and Dennis Dixon could give Kelly some upside in terms of two different styles of quarterbacks and then a safety valve in terms of Dixon as a guy who he's worked with before.