The Chiefs say they have looked into Washington receiver Terrelle Pryor Sr’s claims that Chiefs fans called him the “N-word” during Monday night’s game at Arrowhead Stadium and haven’t found anything to substantiate them. “Washington didn’t make our people aware of an incident, the people we have on the sideline didn’t see one before or after the game and as far as we know, no one from the league office was called to his aid during or after the game,” said Ted Crews, the Chiefs’ vice president of communications. “There was no incident or report from the stands.” Crews, however, noted that if the incident did happen, and there’s a fan out there who has footage of the incident or knows who did it, the Chiefs do want to know that. The team can be reached 816-920-9300. Pryor was caught on video making an obscene gesture to a fan after the Chiefs’ 29-20 win and had to be restrained while walking through the tunnel. Another video shows a fan yelling “Hey Terrelle, you a (expletive), (expletive) you, (expletive) Ohio State!” At that point, Pryor appeared to turn toward the person holding the camera and gave the fan an obscene gesture.