Dexter McCluster brought back a punt 94 yards for a touchdown in his first NFL game for the Chiefs in 2010, sparking hope he could surpass Chicago’s Devin Hester as the NFL’s next great return specialist. That hasn’t happened yet, but the Chiefs aren’t giving up on the idea. This offseason they hired away the Bears’ Dave Toub, the special teams coach who worked with Hester and helped him become one of the all-time greats with 17 career return touchdowns. And Toub is a fan of McCluster’s. “McCluster is somebody that’s very intriguing to me,’’ Toub said. “He can really make you miss and I just think he’s got a lot of untapped potential as a punt returner.’’ A McCluster revival is just part of what the Chiefs have planned for their return game. They’re also looking at rookie running back Knile Davis to return kickoffs, though Davis never brought back a kick in college at Arkansas. That plan, too, is part of the effort to awaken a long dormant return game. The Chiefs haven’t returned a kickoff for a touchdown since 2009 or a punt for a score since McCluster did it in the season-opening game in 2010 against the Chargers. The Chiefs traded one of their main return specialists from the past couple of seasons, Javier Arenas. They have others working in the mix, including wide receiver Devon Wylie. But for the time being, at least, they appear to have settled on McCluster and Davis. McCluster hasn’t had many chances to return punts since his rookie season in part to keep the 5-foot-8, 170-pound McCluster fresh for offensive plays. But the new coaching staff led by Andy Reid doesn’t have that idea. “We’re kind of dusting him off in that area,’’ Toub said. “He has all the skills that you like to see as a punt returner.’’ Davis is an interesting option as a kickoff returner. He hasn’t returned a kick in a live game since he was in high school and was a frequent fumbler at running back last season. But the Chiefs see a fast runner with a big body who could be difficult for opponents to bring down in the open field. “He’s a big guy and he can run (fast),’’ McCluster said. “He just needs a little more repetition and I think he’ll be really good.’’