Preparation for the NFL Draft is an endlessly arduous process, Chiefs general manager John Dorsey will tell you, albeit one he revels in. If you accept literally the results of a study he said he commissioned, he and his staff will have put in about 60,000 hours toward the cause by the time the draft begins Thursday. When asked how many of those hours represent his own contribution, Dorsey smiled and simply said, “Enough.” From all this sleuthing, the Chiefs have derived a draft board of 150 to 170 players to consider for the 10 selections they have amassed — some of which could serve as trade fodder. Most of the pre-draft focus is on their first-round choice — No. 27 overall, barring a trade — and to what extent they will invest in a quarterback with Alex Smith locked up only for the next two seasons. But there is another crucial area to watch for one year after the Chiefs used their fifth-round pick to choose Tyreek Hill, who just months before had pleaded guilty to domestic abuse by strangulation of his then-pregnant girlfriend. Because there is tantalizing-but-controversial talent out there, including Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon and Dede Westbrook. So let’s dream that a few of the 60,000 hours were spent analyzing the troubling statement the Chiefs would be making by venturing into similar terrain again. As seen in a sickening video made public in December, Mixon punched a woman in 2014, was suspended from the Oklahoma football team for that season and served a year of probation after a plea agreement. Westbrook was twice arrested on family violence complaints while in high school but never convicted.