Andy Reid isn't necessarily a fan of the NFL's proposed rule that would allow teams to retain possession after a score by converting a 4th-and-15 instead of recovering an onside kick, but the Kansas City Chiefs coach wouldn't be afraid to use the new option if it passes because of quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

"We've got a guy that can do 4th-and-15s," Reid said Friday. "He'd give us an opportunity to do that."

Under the proposed rule, put forth by the Philadelphia Eagles, a team would have the option for one offensive play from its 25-yard line rather than kicking off after a score. The team would need to gain at least 15 yards to retain possession.

Team owners will be asked to vote on rule proposals during a virtual meeting May 28. Owners rejected a similar proposal to this last year from the Denver Broncos, but the league did try it out during the 2019 Pro Bowl.