The play looked innocuous enough on television, as Reggie Ragland sprinted into the screen and hauled down New York Giants tight end Jerrell Adams over the middle for a modest 6-yard gain. But for Ragland, the Chiefs’ second-year inside linebacker, it meant so much more. For Ragland –– who had to diagnose the play, sprint toward Adams and haul him down in space with a host of green grass in front of him –– it was an indication that he was close to returning to form following a season-ending knee injury last August. “One of the biggest plays in the game there,” Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton said. “He almost was getting ready to come out the back end of the defense and Reggie was really kind of the last guy left and he made the tackle.” Ragland, who finished the game with a team-high nine tackles, also logged the most snaps –– 47 –– of his two-year NFL career. Both are indications that he’s back up to speed following the injury.