Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali is No. 8 on's most recent MVP Projection and apparently he's not just an MVP candidate he's an MVP tipper. After Sunday's 17-16 win over Houston Hali and 15 friends went to a Kansas City-area Fogo de Chao to celebrate the victory and after Hali left the server's were probably celebrating too because he tipped over $1000. Hali and his group ordered $1530.40 worth of food and drinks at Fogo de Chao and because of the size of his group a 19.4 percent gratuity ($296.69) was automatically added to the bill. An almost $300-tip is great but not great enough for Hali he decided to add $1000 more. With the included gratuity the eighth-year linebacker ended up tipping a total of $1296.69 or 84.7 percent of the $1530.40 total bill. The tip was split among the servers on staff while Hali was in the restaurant.