Jamal Adams got his payday, resetting the safety market by $2 million per year on his four-year, $70 million extension with the Seattle Seahawks. Heading into next year, there will be a bevy of safeties waiting in line to get paid.

The chief among those back-end playmakers resides in Kansas City: ?Tyrann Mathieu?.

The 29-year-old, back-to-back All-Pro safety enters his third and final season with the Chiefs, slated to make a base salary of $14.55 million.

Chiefs GM Brett Veach told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Tuesday that the team will do its darndest to keep the defensive leader in K.C. for years to come. The issue is the financial hurdles it will take to get a deal done.

"We've had a chance to talk to Tyrann and his representation, and I think it's a little bit difficult with the landscape right now of having two cap-shortened offseason and where we are in regards to our offseason projections," Veach said. "But as we've discussed with Tyrann and his crew, it's one of those situations that where we are now will certainly not be where we are once the season ends, and once we correct some of the things when you have extensions, conversations, trades, (players) move on -- every team is certainly in a different position (with) what their books say than (what) they will be in the offseason.

"And we like to think that we're going to find a way to get this done. And he knows we love him, and we know he wants to be here. And right now, for him, and for us, I think it's just a timing thing. But there's not a guy in this league I respect as much as him for the way he goes about his business. And, you know, listen, a lot of these guys, and a lot of these teams -- I think we saw the franchise tag period come and go, and no one got done. And there have been a couple of deals, but a lot of these bigger deals haven't been done for the same reason. Different players handle it in a different way. And just like you'd expect from Tyrann, just complete class. I mean, the guy is special. We love him. And we're certainly going to work our tail off to keep him here."