The Kansas City Chiefs will be hitting free agency on March 12 but those aren't the only players who could be on the move. I took a look at some of the highest paid Chiefs to determine whether there will be any more surprise cuts. Here's a list of all the Chiefs 2013 free agents and below is a list of some of the highest paid Chiefs. Big money but they're safe Tamba Hali: $12.25 million No, Tamba is not going to get cut. I just wanted to take this opportunity to point out that he's due over $12 million next year in base salary. His base salary the two years after that is about half that number. So I'm kinda wondering if the Chiefs could, or would even want to re-structure Tamba's deal. Probably not. Brandon Flowers: $7.35 million He isn't getting cut either. His contract is spread out pretty darn evenly and it is not an issue. He's under contract through 2016.