During a fascinating 30-minute interview with Soren Petro of 810 Sports on Tuesday ― feel free to watch it here ― Chiefs coach Andy Reid gave fans a rare glimpse into his thought process before the team’s final offensive play in their 45-44 loss to Indianapolis. Here’s a quick refresher: The Chiefs were trailing the Colts 45-44 in the wild-card game at Lucas Oil Stadium with two minutes left. They needed a field goal and were out of Ryan Succop’s range, so they had to go for it on fourth-and-11. After a short break due to the two-minute warning, the Chiefs came out in "11" personnel with one running back and one tight end. At the bottom of the screen, you see Dwayne Bowe has single coverage against the Colts’ best cornerback, Vontae Davis, to the field side. Davis didn’t have a great game to that point and had been battling a groin injury, but with a grade of plus-15.5, he graded out as one of the best corners in football this year, according to Pro Football Focus. Now, even with Davis’ pedigree, this is a great look if you’re trying to get the ball to your number one receiver. But Reid decided to call a timeout here, which perplexed NBC’s color analyst, Mike Mayock, who quickly said, “I don’t understand how you go to a two-minute break, have the time to make the call, then come back and have to burn your final timeout unless you see something crazy … but you didn’t. I thought they had an advantageous look, Dwayne Bowe by himself one-on-one with Davis with no help. The criticism in Philadelphia on Andy Reid was time management.” In talking with Petro on Tuesday, Reid had an interesting explanation. “I really had a couple plays there in mind,” Reid said. “I wanted to get up and show ’em a formation. I probably shouldn’t tell you these secrets, but they have a tendency to back-to-back their defensive calls at timeouts. So I got up, showed it to them, and they came back and ran the same thing. We got our best guy, our best receiver, on their third corner, man-to-man, bump-and-run situation and we’re going, ‘This is a pretty sweet deal.’”