In North America there are warning signs that baseball will struggle in the future. And MLB has responded with changes to speed up pace of play for short attention spanned millennials. The bat flip is starting to become more of a fixture in the majors and fun is starting to creep its way into baseball. Major League Baseball’s addition of a clock into the Home Run Derby legitimately helped to make the annual event more exciting, thank you Giancarlo Stanton. But not every league around the world is looking for new and inventive ways to cater to millennials.

The Korean Baseball Organization is home of some of the best bat flips in the sport and they recently held their All-Star Game. Fans were treated to a different type of derby, a bunt derby.

Bunting is becoming a lost art in MLB (outside of most National League pitchers), as small ball and the idea of simply handing the opposing team an out doesn’t match up with modern analytics that dominate the sport.

That isn’t the only non-traditional North American KBO All-Star event... how about ‘A Perfect Pitcher‘ contest:

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