And with that, the metamorphosis is complete.

With the latest unveiling of the Chicago Fire’s new identity — a brand new badge and a name tweak from SC for “Soccer Club” to FC for “Football Club” — there’s frankly not much left to change in a club makeover that is unprecedented in MLS history.

The Columbus Crew experienced a fresh start in 2019 with the arrival of the Haslam and Edwards families, but that’s a multi-year project that’s very much in progress. The 2005 FC Dallas team experienced some big changes — city, stadium, identity — but nothing as comprehensive as what the Fire are experiencing. The Sporting Kansas City reboot in 2011 similarly involved a new stadium and look, but it didn’t extend to the squad.

By comparison, the overhaul of the Fire since new owner Joe Mansueto took over full control of the club has proven as impressive for its breadth as it has been for its swiftness. No one could have predicted this timeline of events: