Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine has failed to reach a contract extension over the past year with the team. So now, he finds himself in a position where he can look around to see what’s out there.

After the series loss to the Bucks, LaVine re-iterated his love for Chicago and the fans. But also made it clear that he plans to test the market away from where he has spent the last several years of his career.

“You should view it as I’ve been here for the last five years,” LaVine said, per Rob Schaefer of NBC Sports Chicago.“Obviously you guys have been a really, really soft spot in my heart and I have to do this as a business decision as a man. Not to just be viewed one way, and be like: ‘I’m automatically coming back,’ or ‘I’m automatically leaving,’ things like that. It’s unrestricted free agency, for my family and me I have to go into this like it’s a decision where I have to be open-eyed. And obviously I have to make my list and talk to everybody in the summertime.”