Coach John Fox was asked if playing most of the season with rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky excuses his team's 4-10 record, but he declined to single anyone out for blame. "I wouldn't put it on the quarterback," Fox said. "I think it's just the overall execution in the passing game. It's not one guy. I think that's a misconception a lot of people have. You'd like to avoid … having a 46-pass game (vs. the Lions), regardless of who's playing quarterback. "But when the game unfolds that way, you're doing what it takes to win. Even the 3 picks, it's not all on one guy. There's some execution (issues), whether it's protection, whether it's depth of routes, whether it's the adjustment based on the leverage of the coverage. There's a lot that goes into it that I think a lot of people don't see and understand." Because of season-ending injuries to wide receivers Cam Meredith and Kevin White and tight end Zach Miller, the Bears lack a go-to receiver. They have just one pass catcher with more than 327 yards, wide receiver Kendall Wright, who leads the team with 50 receptions and 558 yards (11.2-yard average). But he has just 1 touchdown, and his longest reception is 22 yards. Numbers don't lie: The Bears have four of the top 11 rushing games in the league this year -- 232 yards against the Bengals, 231 against the Ravens and 222 vs. the Steelers and in the first game against the Lions. They also have the two lowest -- 6 yards against the Eagles and 20 against the Buccaneers. Coach John Fox said a better aerial attack would prevent opponents from crowding the line of scrimmage to shut down the ground game.