Winnipeg Jets fans looking for some clarity on Evander Kane’s apparent desire for a change of scenery weren’t getting it from the general manager today. Kevin Cheveldayoff, speaking at the end of the Jets development camp, continued to evade questions about whether or not Kane has asked for a trade. “It’s a very difficult time right now in hockey,” Cheveldayoff began. “There’s rumours that abound each and every day. I can only imagine as a player what goes through your mind... it’s gotta be difficult. I’m open to look, to see if there’s ways to make improvements on this team. Without singling out any individual, everyone starts to wonder what’s going on.” Asked again directly if Kane has asked to be moved, Cheveldayoff wouldn’t confirm or deny it. “I have lots of conversations with lots of players all the time... lots of things are said or not said, and those stay in house,” he said. Kane himself has fueled the speculation that he’d rather play elsewhere. During the NHL draft, he favourited a tweet about the Philadelphia Flyers acquiring him.