Eden Hazard has had initial talks with Chelsea about a new contract, although no formal offer is expected for some time, and there is a “relaxation” on all sides despite his father’s comments about rejecting an extension early on Friday. Thierry Hazard had told Belgian paper Le Soir that the 26-year-old had turned down an offer because he wants to eventually go to Real Madrid. The Independent has been told that no offer has yet been made and while Hazard is obviously tempted by the Bernabeu, the situation isn’t quite so clean cut. Hazard would clearly be open to an offer, but it is understand he would be most engaged by the opportunity to work with one of his heroes in Zinedine Zidane, above even playing for Real. Since his current deal runs until 2020, and there is already so much uncertainty about Zidane’s medium-term future despite winning successive Champions Leagues, the Belgian and his camp are aware not to get too attached to such an idea. They are also conscious of the fact that – as with goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois – Real have made their interest known on repeated occasions in the past, only to then pursue other targets with much more vigour.