Paulo Dybala is a name that should be familiar to many, if not most, not just for his goals and successes over the past six years, but for his multiple dramatic turns in the rumor mill. Chelsea were linked in 2017 and (quite strongly in) 2015 as well, the latter being the time when Dybala outgrew Palermo and looked to make the jump up to elite level, which he did to Juve.

As it so often happens, the round of rumors in 2017 led to a new and improved contract for the Argentina international. That same contract now has just a little over a year left on it, which means it’s time for some more big decisions. Dybala will turn 28 at the start of next season, which means he’s still in his prime (probably) and in a prime position to get one more big contract — though the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic might make that a bit harder.