CHELSEA manager Antonio Conte won’t stop being a touchline ‘clown’ after a rollicking from his dad. If this upsets his nemisis Jose Mourinho on Sunday then he won’t lose any sleep. The pair have been at war all season and feelings run so deep Conte went out on a limb to not even mention shaking hands. He steel-eyed looked at those asking if he would and ruthlessly swept aside any questions on their relationship. Mourinho brought up his match-fixing charges when in Italy and then called managers who dance, pranced, gesticulated down the touchline as being a ‘clown’. Without mentioning names, Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp and Conte are known for the unashamed histrionics. Conte kept calm during their shock defeat by Watford and the first call when he got home was from his dad Cosimo, accusing him of losing his anger and passion.