Chelsea could be tempted to swoop back in for Radamel Falcao as Monaco are at risk of selling their prize asset. The principality club who were promoted to Ligue 1 after being crowned champions of Ligue 2 last season are at odds with the French footballing authorities over tax laws. Monaco splashed out £51m on Falcao this summer as they made a statement of intent. But thé nouveaux-riche side are at risk of having to offload their prize asset or they may have to pay a £75m fine. Currently Falcao is getting a massive tax-free salary a luxury that hasn't been afforded to the other Ligue 1 outfits. French journalist Cyrille Haddouche who works for Le Figaro paper was quoted by the BBC as saying: "The advantage is huge in being able to convince huge players like Falcao to move to the club. "So the tax advantage that Monaco is considered as unfair [by the clubs] especially in a period of economic difficulties for all clubs except Paris Saint-Germain. "For example former winners of the league Lyon and Lille must now sell players in order to reach break even."