Detroit Pistons fans were intrigued with some of the offseason transactions that took place with the team. A very popular signing was that of Chauncey Billups who will turn 37 later this month. The signing was probably more for sentimental seasons and to make amends with Billups for the unpopular decision to trade him five seasons ago. The Pistons are banking on the hope Billups will be more injury-free than he was with the Los Angeles Clippers over the past two seasons in which he’s seen action in a combined 42 games. That’s not a very impressive stat. Last season Billups averaged 8.5 points 1.5 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game. That’s obviously a far cry from his heyday when Billups was averaging in high double figures per game in scoring. The year he left Detroit for the Denver Nuggets five seasons ago was one of Billups’ better seasons with 19.5 points per game.