Chauncey Billups, in a clear, baritone voice, assured the Clippers and their fans that he was no longer uncertain of where he wanted to play. "I'm all in," Billups said Friday at a news conference at the team's practice facility. Billups admitted he underwent some soul-searching before he came to grips with the fact that the Clippers would be his new home. He had been troubled by how New York treated him, how the Knicks used the new "amnesty" provision to waive the 35-year-old guard. He had been equally dismayed at the Clippers for placing a bid of a little more than $2 million in the waiver auction Monday to acquire him. Billups had threatened to retire if a team he didn't want to play for picked him up, something he reiterated Friday. Billups wanted to control "my own destiny," and that had been taken out of his hands by the Clippers, a team he hadn't considered. But after "three or four" days to gather his thoughts and realize that he wasn't done playing after 13 years in the NBA, Billups decided to join the Clippers. "I'm a Clipper and I'm happy to be here," Billups said. "It could have been much worse. But this is really a good situation. These guys, I don't really feel like it's a rebuilding situation. I think these guys are ready to take the next leap and hopefully I can help with that."