The impact on Carlos Quentin’s knees was nearly immediate. Tuesday, two pitches into the bottom of the first, in Quentin’s first major league game in nearly 10 months, Cincinnati’s Billy Hamilton sliced a fly ball to left, toward Quentin, toward the outfielder whose knees have in no small part affected the fortunes of an offense. Quentin raced to his right. The ball kept slicing, through the muggy air at Great American Ball Park … and over Quentin’s head. He veered and chased it to the corner. Hamilton, the league’s fastest baserunner, flew around the bases for a leadoff triple. What impact Carlos Quentin’s bat can have in this developing season remains to be seen. In a 2-1 victory over the Reds, Quentin went 0-for-3 with a walk. His long-anticipated return coincided with a blast from the bat behind him. Chase Headley’s ninth-inning fence-clearer, his second in three games - a redirection of a 99 mph Aroldis Chapman rocket, no less - hammered the winning run inside the left-field foul pole. “He’s a guy that’s throwing with tremendous velocity, so you can’t try to do too much,” Headley said. “If you’re able to get the barrel to it, he’s throwing so hard, it really supplies some power for you. ... I was just trying to get on top of the fastball. Fortunately, I did it well enough and it went out.” Moments later, as a small group of reporters began to disperse from his locker, Headley called them back. “Also, say something about the fires. Just tell San Diego we’re thinking about them,” he said, referencing the wind-fueled blaze that Tuesday prompted the evacuations of thousands of homes within San Diego city limits.