Now, far be it from me to call Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing (the SB Nation blog for our hated rivals) a "nerd", but I do enjoy the way he starts out his latest Fangraphs piece on Chase Headley. I don't intend to mean-spiritedly pick on the fine folks over at Baseball Prospectus, but in this instance I can't not make a little fun. A couple excerpts from paragraphs found on Chase Headley's player page: I don't think Headley is going to have more than .150 Isolated Power. Partially due to Petco, partially because he's not that kind of hitter. (5/5/2010) That was on Chase Headley's power potential, not on Headley just in 2010. Another: Yes, PETCO suppresses some of his power, but even in Citizen's Bank Park, Headley wouldn't hit more than 24 HR. (12/20/2010) Yes, it's true. Baseball Prospectus has never hated Chase Headley, but they pretty much hated Chase Headley. In the 2012 Prospectus, PECOTA (the BP predictive algorithm) gave Headley a 1% chance at a breakout this season and the writeup said that the best to hope for this season was a repeat of 2011's "success" (4 HR, .289/.374/399).