The Bobcats only had a few free agents this year, so we'll be focusing on the following new additions to the Charlotte Bobcats: Ramon Sessions, Brendan Haywood and Jeff Adrien. Ramon Sessions It's not easy to dissect Sessions' play. His role is kind of amorphous. As the Bobcats' sixth man, he comes off the bench often as the first guard, either at point guard or shooting guard. Often times you'll see him play alongside Kemba Walker, though with that pairing they share point guard duties. Sessions focuses on scoring than distributing, and does it pretty well. Though his outside shooting leaves much to be desired, he helps the Bobcats' bench scoring pretty consistently by getting to the hoop. By far it's his most dynamic skill, also leading to his career high 5.5 free throw attempts per game. Even with his shooting percentages falling off a cliff at pretty much every distance, Sessions has been a big piece of this team. Of course, that's for better or worse. His ability to get to the rim and draw fouls is very valuable. But at the same time, his impact is limited because of this focus on scoring. His distributing is way down. Way down. His assist percentage fell a full nine percentage points from the previous season.