With the New Orleans Pelicans in full effect, the Hornets name is available again for usage by an NBA team. Back in May, the Charlotte Bobcats announced their plans to become the Hornets. It's paying homage to the original NBA team in the city of Charlotte and it's also a brilliant re-branding plan to remind fans that basketball can be good there again. They can bust out all of their old Hornets gear and not root for a franchise name that was coined after the original owner of the Bobcats, Bob Johnson. Sunday, the Bobcats/Hornets announced their new color way for the change in 2014-15 when the Hornets name is officially used again. We'll be seeing the old purple and teal colors with black, cool gray, and light blue as the secondary colors. The Bobcats/Hornets are going to "paint the city" with advertising to bring the colors back into the forefront of Charlotte fans.