Charles Woodson figured he'd have more clarity to his situation by now. The three-time All-Pro has remained on the free-agent market since being released by the Green Bay Packers in February. He has met with only one team, a fruitless visit with the San Francisco 49ers. Woodson was at NFL Network studios Thursday, giving Around The League the opportunity to speak with the 15-year veteran. Woodson freely admits he didn't expect the cold shoulder in free agency. "I am surprised because I don't think there's any question in anybody's mind whether or not I can play football," Woodson said. "So, my issue is, you know I can play football, why am I not on a team, why haven't I had more visits? I'm kind of surprised by it." The 49ers haven't publicly ruled out a deal, but Woodson isn't hopeful. "I don't really know, but I would assume, two days after I left they signed a safety, then they picked up a young safety in the draft," Woodson said, referring to Craig Dahl and Eric Reid, respectively. "That's two more safeties added to their roster, so I don't really see that being an option at this point."