Former Michigan standout Charles Woodson, a Heisman Trophy winner and eight-time NFL Pro Bowl player, said he would consider playing for the Detroit Lions. But a lot of things would have to fall into place, like the right financial figures. Woodson, in Ann Arbor on Friday to support the three-day Mott Hospital fundraiser he supports along with former Michigan players Brian Greise and Steve Hutchinson, is an NFL free agent. He visited Denver on Wednesday and will talk to Oakland on Tuesday. What if the Lions were to pursue Woodson, he was asked on WTKA during the Mott Takeover radio fundraiser that raised more than $91,000? "If I make it out of my visit with Oakland, like I just made it out of the visit with Denver, then I'm open," Woodson said. "Here's the thing about the Lions, the Lions have players. What the Lions haven't been able to do is put it together. That winning attitude and to be able to start those winning ways, it has to start somewhere. So, would I be open? Sure." Woodson, however, is inching closer toward the end of his career.