Projected No.1 pick Victor Wembanyama has been labeled as the next big thing following his sensational performances in the French league and Metropolitans 92–G League Ignite showdowns in the U.S.

The 19-year-old puts on a show on a regular basis, averaging an LNB-best 22.2 points, a league-leading 9.5 rebounds, and an unmatched 3.1 blocks per game.

Seems that it's not enough for NBA legend Charles Barkley, who is not sitting in Wembanyama's hype train.

Chuck doubts the French unicorn's potential to dominate the NBA since day one, as Michael Jordan or LeBron James did.

"Everybody wants this kid and he looks like he's great, but you really can't tell until he gets to the NBA," Barkley said on Inside the NBA, co-hosted by him, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson.

Barkley continued his rant after Kenny praised Wembanyama for shooting and dribbling abilities.