The NCAA Division I Council ruled Wednesday that football, men's basketball and women's basketball athletes could return to campus for voluntary workouts starting June 1.

Charles Barkley, member of the Basketball Hall of Fame and Turner broadcaster who is an analyst during the annual men's basketball tournament, isn't a fan of the decision, saying as much during an appearance on CNN with Anderson Cooper on Wednesday. 

"I don't think it's safe, number one, but those are the two money-making sports," Barkley said, referring to the revenues generated by men's basketball and football. "I don't think it matters as much for basketball, because basketball doesn't start until November. But obviously, football starts in August.

"I just want these kids to be safe. But Anderson, hey, listen there's a lot of money at stake. I would not want my kid — until we know more, we need to be closer to a treatment or a vaccine. But listen, money is going to run this thing, and that's really unfortunate."