The league released the official schedules for the 2019 NFL season. The Los Angeles Chargers are among the teams with one of the more interesting schedules going into the year.

The Chargers are set to go more than a month without a home starting in early November. Despite all the looming logistics of their rod trip, Rivers does not seem to be too perturbed, via the team’s website.

“We play home against Green Bay, and then we’re not home again until late December,” Rivers said. “Shoot, it’s just like last year! Now, it gets kind of skewed because there’s a bye in there and a home game in Mexico City. We handled it well last year, and I think we will again. Shoot, at some point you’re going to have a stretch like that, and I think being home-away, home-away early, and not having back-to-back away games early, hopefully we can get off to a good start.”