The Los Angeles Chargers' turnovers in Sunday's loss to the Carolina Panthers weren't as bad the New York Jets' butt fumble or Malcolm Butler's pick of Russell Wilson in the end zone in the final seconds of Super Bowl XLIX, but they were turnovers just the same. And there are a few things worse in football than losing a turnover -- a loss, an injury, bad morale.

But losing a turnover can lead to each of those "worse" things. And three turnovers (technically four when counting the unsuccessful, game-ending, hook-and-ladder lateral to Austin Ekeler) ... well, there isn't much you can do to rectify them -- especially if you don't take away the ball yourself.

"You cannot win in this league when you turn the ball over three times," Chargers coach Anthony Lynn said after Sunday's turnover-filled performance. "And that's on me. I gotta do a better job, coaches gotta do a better job putting this team in position to win and eliminating the stupid and the turnovers."

Was he just falling on his sword by taking the blame, or is there something to that?

"I have got to do a better job of teaching this team how to win because in this league you give yourself about a 10 percent chance of winning when you turn it over three times and you don't take any of them away," Lynn added.

It's a problem that plagued the Chargers in 2019, when they tied for worst in the league with a minus-17 differential -- their 14 takeaways were the fewest in the league, while their 31 giveaways were the fourth highest in the NFL.

So what do you do?