Damion Square put two hands on Jerry Tillery’s chest to teach him a pass-rushing technique for the start of Sunday’s practice. The veteran defensive tackle didn’t go easy on the Chargers’ rookie first-round pick.

Square made a swim move and violently pulled on Tillery’s left arm that forced his shoulder pads to come out of his jersey. Square warmly adjusted his teammate’s uniform.

If it were an averaged-sized human or a player from a skilled position, a dislocated shoulder probably would have occurred during the hands-on explanation. But Tillery is over-sized for the defensive tackle position, standing at 6-foot-6 and three inches taller than Square.

Perhaps if Square tugged on the right shoulder a re-injury would have transpired for Tillery, the 28th overall pick from Notre Dame who had shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum in March.

Many draft experts viewed Tillery as a top-15 selection, but the injury caused him to fall to the end of the first round and sidelined him for the Chargers’ offseason program. He participated in his first team drills last week and has slowly worked his way into the first-team defense for 11-on-11 competition.

Chargers defensive coordinator Gus Bradley probably wouldn’t have any issue if Square tugged on Tillery’s right shoulder during the lesson. He’s convinced that Tillery is back to being the enforcer that he was for Notre Dame’s interior defensive line.