There is no event more exhausting to cover than the NFL Combine. And only part of the reason is that the best information flows well after dark (and into early morning) in the Circle City dining and drinking establishments. I don’t very often compare myself to someone who has a real job, but I deserve hazard pay for the hours put in pursuing information here. Among the tidbits gathered over the days and nights trolling this frigid burg was a topic first brought up by agents and coaches in casual conversation and then something I broached with various folks – how in one specific way the Chargers will have to draft with a different philosophy if they are going to make a quick turnaround under Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy. Actually, there was a surprising amount of praise for the Chargers’ drafts the past two years. The big criticism -- both internally and from outside – is how the Chargers have let so many good players go. But the fact is that the team under A.J. Smith for several years drafted a disproportionate number of players that were projects.