Aroldis Chapman threatened his own record for fastest Major League pitch ever recorded -- 105.1 mph against the Padres on Sept. 24, 2010 -- in Monday night's 2-1, 15-inning loss to the D-backs at Great American Ball Park. The flame-throwing closer came on to pitch the ninth inning with the game tied at 1 and went through the heart of Arizona's lineup, striking out the side. That he struck out all three batters he faced was nothing out of the ordinary for Chapman -- he's fanned the side nine times in 2014 -- but it was the manner in which he did so that was extraordinary. • Chapman threw 20 pitches and 15 of them were fastballs. • None of Chapman's fastballs were clocked at less than 101 mph per Pitch-f/x and the average speed of those pitches was 102 mph. • Chapman hit 104 mph on a pitch to Paul Goldschmidt and hit 103 mph five times in the inning. • Of the five non-fastball pitches Chapman threw, three were sliders and two were changeups. The sliders were 91, 92 and 90. The changeups were 91 and 90 mph. • Chapman has now struck out 20 batters in 8 2/3 innings pitched in July; that's a strikeout-per-nine-innings ratio of 20.8. His strikeout-per-nine-innings ratio for the season is 18.4. • In fanning Goldschmidt, who led off the frame, Chapman extended his Major League record for most consecutive relief appearances with a strikeout to 44, dating back to Aug. 21, 2013. "It was nothing special, I was just pitching," Chapman said through translator Tomas Vera. "I can't tell you what was different or why [I was throwing even harder than usual]."