Suns forward Jared Dudley had a lighthearted suggestion for how Channing Frye could prepare for last night's game against the Celtics at the Garden. As Dudley passed his teammate after the morning shootaround, he recommended Frye make sure he was wearing a protective cup. The comment was a reference to a dust-up Frye had with Kevin Garnett when the Suns beat the Celtics, 88-71, in Phoenix on Jan.?28. When Frye attempted a 3-pointer late in the game, Garnett came out to contest the shot. As he did earlier in the game, Garnett slid under Frye, with the Phoenix big man landing on Garnett's foot. Additionally, Garnett poked his hand in Frye's midsection, catching him lightly in the groin. Frye briefly went down in pain before popping up and going nose-to-nose with Garnett. The incident earned Frye a technical and two for Garnett, resulting in an ejection. When Dudley made his comment, Frye was explaining his problem with Garnett's actions. "Just the whole thing. There's a rule. There's certain things you just don't do, and he just overstepped that boundary twice," Frye said. "It is what it is. There's nothing else I can say about it. What am I going to do, slap him on the hand or tell him don't do that?