Now that the embarrassment is over, the Green Bay Packers have to decide what they actually need to do. From CEO Mark Murphy on down, the Packers have to figure out what needs changing and what needs keeping to make a run at the Super Bowl next season. With Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, the Packers are only one good offseason away from a championship run. Then again, that has been the case for going on seven years now. ESPN reported Dom Capers isn't expected to return as defensive coordinator next season, and let’s just say this wasn’t hard to see coming. When coach Mike McCarthy said recently that he’d have to look at the “patterns of negativity and positivity” of the team’s first season without the playoffs since 2008, that pretty much signaled the end of Capers’ nine-year run as defensive coordinator. Capers is a good and respected coach, but that doesn’t matter. Good and respected coaches get fired every year in the NFL, and it’s not hard to justify the move considering the Packers’ defensive shortcomings the past seven years. It is time for a change.